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InVisage’s QuantumFilm enables gorgeous camera phone pictures

Date: 03/22/2010

Company: InVisage Technologies

Source: VentureBeat

QuantumFilm could usher in a new age of high-quality, thin, inexpensive digital cameras and camera films.

Based on a new kind of image sensor technology from chip startup InVisage Technologies, QuantumFilm can deliver mobile phone camera images that are four times sharper than today’s cameras, with twice the dynamic range, or the ability to have both dark and light features in the same picture.

No longer will you have to put up with a bulky camera with a long lens to get good quality pictures. If the iPhone used these chips, it would be able to take 12 megapixel pictures with better quality features, compared to the 3-megapixel pictures it can currently take. With such quality, many consumers might opt for carrying only camera phones.

Unveiled today at DEMO, QuantumFilm uses a new kind of custom-designed material, dubbed a quantum dot, that can replace a typical silicon image sensor. Today’s imaging chips use complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS, a standard process in chip factories). They capture only about 25 percent of the light that hits the surface of the silicon.

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