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Achates Power Announces Plan to Build a Light-Duty Truck Engine that exceeds CAFE 2025 Regulations

Date: 01/11/2017

Company: Achates Power

Source: PRNewswire

The Opposed-Piston Engine demonstration vehicle will be more efficient, cleaner and cost less than current fuel economy solutions.

Achates Power, Inc., today announced the development of an engine for a Light-Duty Truck demonstration vehicle, which will surpass CAFE 2025 regulations. The Opposed-Piston Engine, will be 30-50 percent more efficient than comparable engines, reduce emissions and cost less than alternative technologies under development for meeting CAFE.

The new Achates Power 2.7 liter Opposed-Piston Engine will make 270hp, 650Nm, the vehicle will achieve 37 MPG, above the 33 MPG fully phased-in CAFE 2025 requirement for a full-size, light-duty pick-up truck (65-70 sq. feet). The demonstration engine will be integrated into a drivable prototype in 2018; development engines will also be available for automakers.

“While we continue to work on our customer programs, and research and development programs (like Gasoline Compression Ignition), we are excited to showcase the fuel efficiency, low emissions and outstanding driving characteristics of our OP Engines,” said David Johnson, president and CEO, Achates Power. “There is no technical solution to respond to the proposed 2025 CAFE regulation that is as cost effective, compatible with our existing vehicles and fuels, ready for production and adaptable to future renewable fuels as our Opposed-Piston Engines.”

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