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Advanced Electron Beams poised to grow e-beam tech

Date: 07/01/2010

Company: Advanced Electron Beams

Source: Mass High Tech

At Advanced Electron Beams Inc. in Wilmington, CEO Mitch Tyson said the first phase of his company’s electron emitter rollout is kicking into high gear.

“This is the year that really we should be taking off,” said Tyson, who expects revenue to more than double this year compared to 2009, while the company’s 50-person staff could double within 12 to 18 months.

In this first phase, the emitters are being sold for sterilization purposes in the food and beverage packaging industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. The company has 12 customers in those industries – equipment makers who are integrating the electron emitters – up from seven customers a year ago, Tyson said.

But there is much more to come. Tyson already knows what the three next phases could be for the electron emitters, which uses a stream of negatively charged particles, projected at high speeds, to initiate chemical reactions or break chemical bonds.

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