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Agtech startup NewLeaf eyes product development growth

Date: 04/24/2014

Company: NewLeaf Symbiotics

Source: St. Louis Business Journal

By: E.B. Solomont

NewLeaf Symbiotics, a plant science startup at BRDG Park, named leading plant-science expert Desmond Jimenez as its new vice president of product development and manufacturing, the company announced today.

Jimenez, currently a technical director and principal scientist at California-based Bayer Biologics, will join the company in May. CEO Tom Laurita said he will be tasked with developing the first commercial products for NewLeaf, which wants to commercialize plant bacteria for crop health and protection.

“We’ve demonstrated many of the effects that we were looking for. Now the problem is execution, creating an actual product form that will be acceptable to the market, that will pass any regulatory demands and that’s the stage the company’s at,” Laurita said. “We expect to have product in a form that could be marketable by the end of the year or certainly the beginning of next year.”

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