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All you wanted to know about batteries but were afraid to ask

Date: 01/09/2015

Company: Qnovo

Source: Qnovo's Blogspot

By: Nadim Maluf

Learn about lithium ion batteries. How they work. Why does your battery in your mobile device die so soon? What you can do and what tips can help you.


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which is just ending, has given us, consumers, a lot of new gadgets to ponder. We saw a gamut of new toys from larger TVs, 4K video, curved screens and curved smartphones, to wearable devices and IoT — a new acronym for Internet of Things, or perhaps better said as “connecting all things”, but that would be a CAT; we wouldn’t like that!

But what do consumers really, really care about? We no longer have Steve Jobs to presciently guide the consumer flock to where they should spend their dollars. So, marketing experts resort to surveys, of all kinds. So what are these surveys telling them.

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