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Cabulous Rebrands As Flywheel, Adds Non-Taxi Drivers

Date: 12/13/2012

Company: Flywheel Software

Source: Forbes

Cabulous, the mobile cab-hailing app, is rebranding as Flywheel and opening up its platform to allow rides from cars other than taxis, such as licensed black cars.

The startup is still focusing primarily on taxis, but is adding other types of rides in case there are no taxis available or in case people want a different type of ride, says Flywheel CEO Steve Humphreys. Those other types of cars, which will all be licensed, are not yet on the system but will come soon. Flywheel now has more than 2,000 taxis nationwide and one-third of the taxis in San Francisco, he says.

Flywheel works with taxi fleets, integrating to their dispatch systems. Taxis can therefore accept rides via their central dispatch or through the mobile app that drivers use on Android devices in the taxis. Flywheel works within all the regulations Humphreys notes, and hasn’t run into problems with regulators as have UberSidecar and Lyft. By helping people find cabs, Flywheel increases the usage of the cabs on it system by an average of 20%. That’s a large increase in efficiency and more income for drivers, Humphreys says.

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