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Clean Diesel Technologies prepares for growth

Date: 06/14/2013

Company: Clean Diesel Technologies (Catalytic Solutions)

Source: VC Star

When Craig Breese signed on as CEO of Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. three months ago, he wondered what the community knew about the local emissions control company.

“I said, ‘Who knows who we are?’ ” he said. “Does anybody care, and should they care?”

Not much has been said about the Ventura-based company except that it launched in 1996 as Catalytic Solutions Inc. and grew with the aid of millions of dollars in funding from angel investors.

Through a merger with Clean Diesel, which had headquarters in Bridgeport, Conn., the private company became public in 2010.

Now Breese is working to make the name Clean Diesel Technologies more recognizable.

“It’s important that people locally understand who we are and that we’re a good company and that we do some pretty important, good things, and that we have expansion plans,” he said.

The relatively small company develops and manufactures coatings for honeycomb-like filters that control emissions from automobiles, trucks, buses and other exhaust-producing vehicles. Its customers include Honda, General Motors Corp. and Renault and truck makers Navistar International and Paccar.

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