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Clean Diesel Technologies seeks to jump-start sales, turn first profit

Date: 05/12/2014

Company: Clean Diesel Technologies

Source: LA Times

By Ronald D. White:

Some companies run from California’s strict regulatory standards on air pollution and emissions. Not Clean Diesel Technologies Inc., where the executives can’t imagine being anywhere else.

The Ventura company’s products include diesel particulate filters, exhaust accessories and catalysts. Its products reduce emissions from gasoline, diesel and natural gas combustion engines, making its California location especially valuable.

“California is one of our biggest markets,” said Nikhil Atul Mehta, who is interim chief executive, a job he shares with Pedro J. Lopez-Baldrich. “The California Air Resources Board is at the forefront and leading the charge on clean air, compared to the rest of the world.”

Clean Diesel Technologies makes its products for a broad range of uses, including family cars, big diesel rigs, school buses and off-road jobs such as mining. CDTi maintains sales offices in Britain, Canada, France, Japan and Sweden.

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