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Data is the key to efficiency in commercial buildings

Date: 07/06/2012

Company: FirstFuel Software

Source: GigaOm

Large amounts of data now available has made large-scale commercial customer engagement possible and is the key to unlocking the potentially hundreds of billions in energy efficiency savings in this market.

Simple meter data can be used to identify more comprehensive savings, engage a broader portfolio of customers, and generate a stronger uptake.  Here at FirstFuel, we’re using advanced analytics to turn hourly interval meter data into detailed insights about buildings; identifying missed savings opportunities such as what times the lights are being left on, what temperatures activate the HVAC system, how the ventilation can be upgraded, and more. These are the hard to find, easy to implement saving opportunities that yield results without costing the customers.

By using this information earlier in the discussion, and prior to customer investment of time or money, the no-touch audit informs and engages. Commercial customers can now realize real insight into energy use, accompanied by specific energy saving solutions or actions at the outset.  Interval data also serves as the foundation of an ongoing relationship with the customer. Utilities can deliver customized reports that track and measure building changes over time, providing a mechanism for follow-up on a consistent basis.

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