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EcoFactor Cuts House Power by 17 Percent; IBM Launches Buildings Effort

Date: 06/09/2011

Company: EcoFactor

Source: Greentech Media

EcoFactor — the home energy management company that says it can cut your power bills by operating your thermostat for you — says it can cut utility bills by 17 percent a month compared to a programmable thermostat left for you to control.

The company also claims it can outdo demand response companies.

EcoFactor examines weather data and your own personal habits to come up with a cooling strategy for your home. If a heat wave is coming, it might pre-cool a house and then let the AC system drift during the afternoon. If you’re on peak pricing plans, that can save lots of cash. As the map shows, those in hot, muggy regions save the most. Users, of course, can go to manual override.

The technology can also be used to analyze functional problems with homes. In a test case in Fort Worth, Texas, for instance, a consumer had purchased an ultra-high-efficiency air conditioning system but was still experiencing extraordinarily high bills. The software helped find the problem: crushed ducts and a dryer duct that was venting into the home’s air handler.

“He was losing money every time he turned on the air conditioner,” co-founder and senior vice president of products Scott Hublou told us back in December.

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