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Efficiency Maine Selects FirstFuel Software to Improve Delivery of Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Programs

Date: 07/10/2013

Company: FirstFuel Software

Source: Business Wire

EXINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Efficiency Maine has selected FirstFuel Software to improve the delivery and monitoring of energy efficiency programs in commercial buildings using smart meter data. Beginning later this summer, FirstFuel will provide advanced analytics capabilities that will allow Efficiency Maine to deliver energy savings programs to its customers using insight on commercial building energy usage. The project will eliminate the need for on-site visits to pinpoint energy-saving opportunities or track their effectiveness following implementation.

The pilot project, part of Efficiency Maine’s Innovation Program, will cover more than 100 commercial buildings and will focus on schools across the state as the initial target segment. FirstFuel’s advanced analytics will be used to screen buildings to identify those with the greatest energy-savings potential, conduct remote energy audits to target specific energy savings actions, engage each customer to support implementation plans and monitor building energy performance over time to ensure greater savings.

K-12 schools in Maine account for more than 400 million kWh of annual energy use. Assuming average savings rates from prior FirstFuel engagements, Maine schools have the potential to save approximately 65 million kWh of annual energy use – equivalent to the energy needed to power more than 7,000 residential homes each year. Efficiency Maine may expand such analytics-enabled programs over time, extending savings opportunities to many commercial buildings that historically have not been able to participate cost effectively.

“What really interested us about FirstFuel was their potential to cover a large portfolio through a variety of analytics-enabled services,” said Michael Stoddard, executive director of Efficiency Maine. “Directly accessing and analyzing smart meter data allows us to make better decisions about our programs at the building-by-building level and effectively gauge our impact. By capitalizing on FirstFuel’s technology, there may be tremendous potential to improve how we can cost-effectively deliver such services, particularly in a big state like Maine.”

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