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Fairbanks Morse Developing New Opposed-Piston Engine

Date: 08/11/2015

Company: Achates Power

Source: Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

Fairbanks Morse, the Beloit, Wis., headquartered manufacturer of large engines for marine, power generation and oil & gas applications, revealed that it is in development of a new range of medium-speed, opposed-piston diesel and dual fuel engines.

The first of the new series of two-stroke, OP 2.0 engines will be a 12-cylinder OP diesel engine that will offer ratings of 3.7 MWe at 50 Hz — 3.6 MWe at 60 Hz — and 3.8 MW mechanical. The new engines will be in production in 2016 and a dual fuel version is planned for introduction sometime in the 2017 timeframe, the company said.

“Fuel-flexible, two-stroke, opposed-piston engines offer multiple advantages — fewer moving parts, less maintenance, higher power density, superior fuel consumption and reduced total operating costs, in addition to meeting the EPA’s most challenging and stringent emissions requirements,” said Jim Connell, vice president of research and development for Fairbanks Morse Engine. “Our opposed-piston engine enhancement program focuses on increasing the engine’s power and operating efficiencies with the latest in fuel system technology and an advanced combustion and control system, which will make this engine even more attractive in today’s demanding marketplace.

“We anticipate that assembly of the prototype engine will be completed in September and our development and durability validation will follow.”

Fairbanks Morse said the engines will target class-leading fuel efficiencies, extended service intervals and meet EPA Tier 4 final exhaust emissions standards. They will incorporate an electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel system capable of injection pressures as high as 2500 bar as well as providing multiple injection events within a single injection cycle. The fuel injection system, working with a pair of Napier high-pressure turbochargers and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment system, will allow the engine to meet emissions regulations without a diesel particulate filter, the company said.

Fairbanks Morse said it has worked closely with opposed-piston engine specialist Achates Power and engineering consultant Ricardo in development of the new engine.

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