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First Fuel software aims to make energy efficiency easier, quicker

Date: 04/28/2014

Company: FirstFuel Software

Source: The Guardian

No matter where the energy is coming from, commercial buildings should be using less of it, CEO says.

Swapnil Shah doesn’t have anything against cleaner-burning fuels or renewable energy. He just thinks North American businesses — and the buildings they operate in — should be using less energy, no matter the source.

“The ability to reduce consumption in those buildings can have a huge impact”, both economically and environmentally, said Shah, the CEO of First Fuel. The young software company in Lexington, Massachusetts, was founded with exactly that goal in mind.

First Fuel is built – and named – based on the notion that those interested in making energy more environmentally friendly should look first to efficiency before seeking newer, greener fuel sources. To help make energy efficiency easier, the company has created a software system that completes a remote version of a more conventional “energy audit”, a process in which trained assessors conduct an on-site evaluation of a building to identify energy-saving opportunities.

The First Fuel system uses thousands of data points about a building’s energy usage, its physical dimensions and the weather in its location to calculate where and how the structure can cut its energy use. Clients provide their energy use data and their addresses; the rest of the information comes from public records and commercially available archives.

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