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FirstFuel Focuses on Customer Engagement First, Energy Audits Second

Date: 03/31/2016

Company: FirstFuel Software

Source: Greentech Media

Utilities and retailers need big-data analytics for the basics.

by Katherine Tweed

FirstFuel built its business around virtual energy auditing, but that business is now just one piece of the puzzle for the company as it courts utilities and energy retailers in North America and Europe.

FirstFuel’s newly announced capabilities within its three software-as-a-service products are all about providing better customer intelligence to utility clients. Similar to its partner Opower’s focus on the residential side of the business, FirstFuel is helping energy companies get the basics right.

“Many of our utility clients are seeing 50 percent improvement in conversion rates,” Indy Ratnathicam, VP of strategy at FirstFuel, said of conversion rates for enrolling customers in efficiency and demand-side management programs.

A significant proportion of utilities have increasingly stringent energy-efficiency and demand-side management goals. At the same time, customers are asking for more — with questions about investing in distributed energy resources or securing an energy services provider to walk them through ever-more-complex energy needs.

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