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Flywheel 4.0 drives through traffic jam of taxi apps

Date: 06/12/2013

Company: Flywheel Software

Source: Venture Beat

While ride-sharing startups are disrupting the cab industry from the outside, Flywheel is taking on this broken sector from within.

Flywheel, formerly known as Cabulous, released major updates today to its application today that provides existing taxis and fleets with e-hailing technology.

Flywheel 4.0 for iOS has a new EasyPay feature that allows riders to pay from their smartphone, rather than paying with cash or a credit card. The company also added the ability to rate drivers and the best drivers will be rewarded with more rides. New Foursquare integration will also allow users to call a cab to a specific location, without knowing the street address.

These new capabilities give regular cabs the same benefits and conveniences as e-hailing and ride-sharing services like Uber, Hailo, SideCar, and Lyft. These companies all offer the ability to call a cab to your location via a smartphone app and track its progress, as well as a rating system that ensure quality and seamless digital payments. Consumers have responded well to this approach and despite legal battles, these startups are continuing to expand. Flywheel’s approach is to trick out traditional taxi cabs with these rider-friendly features so they can keep their business, while also increasing efficiency and cutting down on costs.

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