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Flywheel just opened up a new front in the taxi wars

Date: 10/29/2015

Company: Flywheel Software

Source: The Verge

The e-hail app company wants to replace ‘obsolete’ taxi meters with a single smartphone

Flywheel, the e-hail app that’s not Uber or Lyft, is stepping up their game in the global war for taxi domination. On Thursday, the Redwood City-based company unveiled its new “TaxiOS” designed to replace the antiquated jumble of meters, navigation devices, and credit card machines currently found in many cabs with a single, cloud-enabled smartphone.

Currently, around 50 taxis in San Francisco are operating with Flywheel’s new operating system under a pilot with the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency. It also aims to launch in New York City, where it’s working on an application to the Taxi and Limousine Commission to become the first virtual meters in that city as well.

“Everything that gets done in a taxi can be done on a single device,” Flywheel CEO Rakesh Mathur told The Verge. “This complete system is what taxis need to deliver the quality user experience that everyone in the world now has come to expect.”

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