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GlassPoint Completes Four Blocks Of 1 Gigawatt Miraah Solar Plant, Inaugurates Project

Date: 02/14/2018

Company: GlassPoint

Source: CleanTechnica

Petroleum Development Oman and GlassPoint Solar this week inaugurated and officially opened the 1 gigawatt Miraah solar plant located atop the Amal oilfield in the south of Oman, after completion of the first four of 36 blocks which are currently delivering 100 MWt (megawatt-thermal) of steam to the oilfield.

Begun back in 2015, the Miraah solar plant is likely to be among the world’s largest solar projects upon completion. Instead of delivering electricity, however, the 1 gigawatt (GW) project uses large mirrors to concentrate sunlight to boil oilfield water directly into steam, which is then used to extract heavy oil. The upside — because, yes, this is solar energy being used to harness oil energy — is that the solar replaces the normal natural gas which is used to extract oil.

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