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Green Builder Project Frog Leaps Forward with $22M from GE and VCs

Date: 09/07/2011

Company: Project FROG

Source: GreenBiz.Com

Three years ago, modular builder Project Frogmade a splash at the international Greenbuild Expo with an eye-catching, energy-neutral classroom that was built on-site in just six days.

Today, the San Francisco-based company is setting its sights on accelerated growth with $22 million in funding from General Electric and some of GE’s VC partners in its ecomagination Challenge.

Claremont Creek Ventures, Greener Capital Partners and RockPort Capital Partners joined GE Energy Financial Services in the investment that was announced this morning.

The funding will fuel expansion of Project Frog’s sales pipeline, including an increase in the size and types of buildings in its portfolio and the number of projects the company takes on, according to Project Frog CEO Ann Hand.

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