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Gridco Deploys Advanced Power Electronics to Control the Grid Edge

Date: 01/21/2014

Company: Gridco Systems

Source: Greentech Media

By: Jeff St. John

Dialing in voltages along individual distribution lines with “series-connected, voltage-control power regulation” devices

Gridco Systems, the startup that’s spent the past four years developing next-generation power-electronics-based technology for the distribution grid, has finally launched its first line of products. Now we’ll see whether its promise to bring transmission-grid-type flexible power control down to the edges of the grid can hold up on the utility front lines.

On Tuesday, the Woburn, Mass.-based company announced commercial availability of its emPower Solution, a distribution grid platform centered on its In-Line Power Regulator (IPR). These “series-connected, voltage-control power regulation” devices, combined with in-field computing and back-end software, are built to perform several grid functions now performed by a host of traditional gear, as well as one key function Gridco claims no other technology on the market can do today.

That’s the ability to control voltages along individual distribution lines, independently of the network as a whole, with a device that uses no moving parts, needs no regular maintenance, and keeps running for 25 years. This could offer some breakthrough benefits for conservation voltage reduction (CVR) and volt/VAR optimization (VVO) projects, as well as for integrating potentially destabilizing utility- and residential-scale solar PV into the grid.

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