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Hands-On: Qnovo Super-Fast Smartphone Charging

Date: 10/15/2014

Company: Qnovo

Source: Forbes

By: Antony Leather

A couple of months ago I interviewed two key figures in Silicon Valley-based tech company Qnovo – a company that’s at the forefront of mobile device battery technology. In short, by carrying out extensive research and gathering huge amounts of data on battery charging and life cycle behavior, Qnovo has developed both software and hardware-based methods of tackling one of the blights of modern mobile batteries, drastically reducing the time it takes for them to charge.

Perhaps more importantly, there’s no long timescale involved here; the technology has already been picked up by major smartphone and chipset manufacturers and will be introduced next year. This is very real, it’s ready and it’s happening now. Equally as important, is the fact that the technology is very unobtrusive – there are no large super-conductors or huge charging circuits or indeed special batteries to contend with.

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