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InVisage Solves “Rolling Shutter” Phenomenon, Besting Image Sensor Market Leaders

Date: 09/24/2010

Company: InVisage Technologies

Source: MarketWire

New QuantumShutterTM Technology Eliminates “Jell-O” Effect Prevalent in Today’s Cameras

MENLO PARK, CA–(Marketwire – September 24, 2010) –  InVisage Technologies, Inc. — a Silicon Valley-based start-up that is revolutionizing the image sensor market — today announced QuantumShutter™, a new technology that eliminates the “rolling shutter” effect that has plagued today’s digital camera industry. Also known as “wobble” and “Jell-O,” rolling shutter causes an image to bend, slant or skew when photographing a moving object with either a still or video camera. InVisage is the first and only company to solve the rolling shutter effect in any device, from high-end cameras like digital SLRs to small everyday devices like cameraphones.

In 2009, image sensors were a $4.6 billion* market. Of this market, CMOS image sensors make up the lion’s share because they require less cost, power and space — from DSLRs, security cameras, medical devices, automobiles to cameraphones. However, they do pose some technical challenges. Traditional CMOS image sensors read images from top to bottom. If something is moving faster than the image can be read (think of a swinging golf club, a moving propeller or a speeding race car) the object being captured will have moved before the sensor can complete its read out. This phenomenon, called rolling shutter, causes image distortion.

InVisage’s QuantumShutter solves this problem by using a portion of the silicon to store the image “charge” so the entire image is captured at the exact same moment. Because of its QuantumFilm™ technology, announced earlier this year, InVisage is the only image sensor company that has the extra silicon space needed for a storage node. QuantumFilm is a quantum dot-based light absorber that sits on top of the pixel, employing the silicon beneath it to read out the image. InVisage spent three years engineering the quantum dot material to produce highly-sensitive image sensors that integrate with standard CMOS manufacturing processes.

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