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Lights off, game on – Enlighted is counting on a bright future by showing clients how to dim their lights

Date: 08/19/2013

Company: Enlighted

Source: Business Standard

One night in early 2009, Silicon Valley residents Tushar Dave, Premal Ashar and Tanuj Mohan were walking around Manhattan. In the mostly empty, yet twinkling skyscrapers all around them, where tourists see a city that never sleeps, the trio spotted a start-up opportunity.

“All the buildings are lit up like Christmas trees, with nobody in them. We felt energy was being wasted at such a level that it must be a very low-hanging fruit. We could do something to make these buildings more efficient,” says Dave, who, along with Ashar and Mohan, founded¬†Enlighted, Inc, which provides lighting control systems. Dave, 55, is also the chief executive of Enlighted, which splits its operations between offices in Sunnyvale, California, and Pune in India.

Enlighted is making a name for itself in the rapidly growing market for energy efficiency in buildings. Its clients include global companies such as Google, LinkedIn, HP and several other Fortune 100 companies.

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