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Lusting for iPad 2? Get top dollar for your iPad 1

Date: 03/02/2011

Company: Gazelle

Source: ZDNet

Gazelle, a Boston-based firm formed by an Ex-eBay executive that specializes in buying used cell phones, is paying top dollar for iPad 1’s.

Those of you who have an iPad 1 are probably feeling a little bit of gadget lust right about now. Heck, I’m feeling plenty of it myself.

Don’t have the $499+ to spend on the new model? Gazelle, a firm out of Boston which specializes in purchasing used consumer electronics such as cell phones, is offering top dollar for iPad 1’s. Gazelle was founded in 2006 by Israel Ganot, who cut his chops at eBay and PayPal.

I’ve heard enough good things about this company (they’ve got a A+ Better Business Bureau rating) that I’m even willing to put my own iPad on the line and ship it to them in exchange for cold, hard PayPal cash. I was originally going to give my old unit to my wife, but I think I’d rather finance the new model with the proceeds from the old one.

Selling your device is easy. You log in to their iPad landing page, select the model you own, the condition that it is in, and Gazelle ships you a UPS mailer box to pack your unit in to send to their Boston facility where they will appraise your iPad (if the device arrives in the condition of the initial price quoted, then you get that amount. If it’s in worse condition, they’ll quote you a lesser amount) and then provide you with your choice of payment options, with expected turnaround time.

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