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MicroSeismic, Inc. to Install First Permanent Microseismic Monitoring Array Outside North America for Cuadrilla Resources Ltd.

Date: 06/06/2012

Company: MicroSeismic

Source: MarketWire

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK–(Marketwire – Jun 6, 2012) – MicroSeismic, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a contract by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. (Cuadrilla) for microseismic mapping and monitoring of their hydraulic fracturing operations in the western Bowland Shale Basin in the United Kingdom. This area has a remarkable amount of shale gas; estimated gas in place is up to 200 trillion cubic feet. The contract includes detailed mapping of hydraulic fracture growth and seismicity monitoring of the Becconsall well in Lancashire, UK and has the capacity to monitor multiple potential wells for optimized field development.

Commenting on the solution, Peter Duncan, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of MicroSeismic, Inc., stated, “Although we think of ourselves as sitting on a passive surface, we are actually on a surface of continual, but undetectable natural seismicity. The earth is in a constant and natural state of shifting. We are pleased to be working with Cuadrilla to assist them with microseismic mapping of their operations, as well as detecting the potential instance of small, less than 0.5 ML events.”

MicroSeismic has nearly 2,000 square kilometers of its permanently installed BuriedArrayâ„¢ service operating in various sites in the United States and Canada. This new contract makes MicroSeismic the first company to have a near surface monitoring system installed in Europe. The contract was awarded based on MicroSeismic’s unique ability to provide long-term monitoring around the Becconsall well to both analyze fracture geometry during the fracturing job and provide on-going information to prevent surface detectible induced seismicity. In North America and other areas the BuriedArrayâ„¢ service has proven to be successful in monitoring hundreds of wells over large geographical areas with a single installation. Full-field monitoring allows operators to track variability over time. As a result, completion parameters and field development plans can be modified to ensure optimum production over the life of the field.

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