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New Battery Tech Cuts Smartphone Charge Times By 75%

Date: 07/31/2014

Company: Qnovo

Source: Forbes

By: Antony Leather

A new mobile device technology looks set to revolutionize battery charging and smartphones equipped with it will be available in 2015. We’ve seen news recently about battery technology potentially seeing large increases in capacity and life cycles. Specifically, researchers at Stanford University have made significant progress on the so-called holy grail of battery design – a pure lithium anode that could boost power capacity and extend battery life.

Many new smartphones are already equipped with high capacity batteries too. Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, for example, sports a battery with a capacity of 3,100mAh, which is considerably larger than that in smaller phones such as the iPhone 5S. The downside to extra capacity, though, is that it takes even longer to charge your battery – with over three hours common for the Galaxy Note II even using a wall socket and not a PC or laptop (which will be slower).

Silicon Valley-based battery tech company Qnovo may well have the answer. Through extensive research and the combining of battery chemistry, electronics and software engineers under one roof, it has developed both software and hardware-based products that work with existing battery technology to cut charge times by up to 75% and also increase a battery’s overall life span too. Even better, the technology is already here, it’s non-intrusive and we’re likely to see it included in phones from the big manufacturers as early as 2015.

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