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Northern Power Systems Introduces New 2.3 MW Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Wind Turbine

Date: 03/14/2011

Company: Northern Power

Source: PRWeb

Northern Power Systems, Inc. (, a next-generation wind turbine manufacturer, announced today the introduction of the Northern Power 2.3 permanent magnet direct drive (PM/DD) wind turbine designed for the onshore utility wind market. This breakthrough product is being launched at the European Wind Energy Association Annual Event in Brussels, Belgium March 14 –17.

Additionally, Northern Power Systems today announced that it has successfully installed and commissioned its first prototype Northern Power 2.3 wind turbine. The prototype is owned by Heritage Sustainable Energy and is installed at the Stoney Corners wind farm in McBain, Michigan, USA. This prototype turbine, shipped from the new Northern Power factory in Saginaw, Michigan, is the largest direct drive wind turbine in commercial operation in North America.

The Northern Power 2.3, with its power rating of 2.3MW, features a superior power curve and a lower cut in speed than competing wind turbines, enabling it to capture more power over a greater range of wind speeds. Combined with its higher availability and lower maintenance costs stemming from its sophisticated technology and simple gearless design, the Northern Power 2.3 offers customers more power, more of the time for a better bottom line

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