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Opower Enters Rare Partnership With FirstFuel to Expand Into Commercial Building Efficiency

Date: 09/09/2014

Company: FirstFuel Software

Source: Greentech Media

Opower’s Dan Yates: “You’ll hear more about Opower and FirstFuel in the future.”

By: Stephen Lacey

Opower doesn’t often enter into strategic partnerships with companies that overlap with its business. The behavioral efficiency company has been very successful landing utility partners so far, and other than starting a relationship with Honeywell for a smart thermostat deployment, it hasn’t needed to rely on others to expand.

That’s why today’s announcement that Opower has teamed up with the Lexington, Mass.-based commercial building analytics company FirstFuel is a fairly big deal.

Over the last six months, Opower and FirstFuel have been working to tie their user interfaces together to give clients a seamless analytics offering across the residential, small commercial and large commercial segments. Opower has solid footing in the residential sector, where it pioneered the use of behavioral messaging to cut home energy use. The company has also been building out its analytics for small businesses. But it hasn’t yet moved into large commercial buildings, a segment in which only a small number of customers currently participate in utility efficiency programs.

FirstFuel was initially founded as a virtual auditing company that uses meter data, mapping tools, weather data and occupancy data to create models of how commercial buildings are performing without ever needing to step inside. The company said it has identified more than a half-billion dollars in low- or no-touch efficiency opportunities at six times the speed of ordinary audits.

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