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ParkerData API Provides Open Access to 20,000+ U.S. Garage and Lot Parking Locations to Car Companies and App Developers

Date: 06/24/2013

Company: Streetline

Source: Wall Street Journal

FOSTER CITY, Calif., June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Streetline, Inc., the leading global provider of smart parking solutions, today released ParkerData(TM), a free application programming interface (API) enabling developers to add parking data to websites, mobile apps, software, and other applications. Using this free API, developers can access basic information (such as garage facility location, rates, policy, and hours of operation) for more than 20,000 unique parking locations across 400 U.S. cities. With the release of ParkerData, Streetline aims to spark the imagination for how parking data can be integrated into a variety of channels, challenging the development community to showcase their ideas and fueling a movement to integrate parking information everywhere.

“With the release of the ParkerData API, Streetline aims to provide developers with a playground to experiment,” said Zia Yusuf, President & CEO of Streetline. “By making basic garage and lot parking data easily accessible and free, we believe we’ll see some interesting ideas emerge for how parking data can be integrated into a variety of channels–further opening up the ecosystem of developers thinking about creative ways to make parking data more accessible to everyone.”

Streetline is the leading source of real-time parking data in the U.S. and Europe — providing real-time data to consumers on open parking spots on the street and in garages. To capture real-time data, Streetline’s patented smart parking platform detects the presence of a car through a network of ultra-low power wireless sensors located in individual parking spaces.

Merchants and businesses that are within Streetline’s sensor deployments can easily take advantage of the real-time data through ParkerMap(TM), an embeddable widget that allows merchants, universities, cities, and parking providers to easily highlight nearby parking options via any website; and Parker(TM), the leading mobile app for consumers, and — soon — in-car navigation systems.

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