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Parking: The Good, The Bad, The Brilliant

Date: 05/23/2013

Company: Streetline

Source: PR Newswire

FOSTER CITY, Calif., May 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Parker™ by Streetline, the award-winning real-time parking guidance app, was put to the test in several urban areas to see if – and by how much – real-time information is successful in reducing the time it takes to find that elusive parking spot.


A 2011 global survey of commuters in 20 international cities conducted by IBM found that in the past year, nearly six out of 10 drivers had abandoned their search for a parking space at least once and drivers have spent an average of nearly 20 minutes in pursuit of a coveted spot. IBM also found that a 10% reduction in congestion could increase local GDP by 2%, and with 30% of city traffic being from people searching for parking, the potential economic impacts of Parker are substantial. Additionally, vehicle emissions resulting from drivers looking for parking are so closely linked that a year-long study found that drivers in a 15 block district in Los Angeles drove in excess of 950,000 miles, produced 730 tons of carbon dioxide and used 47,000 gallons of gas searching for parking.*

Tracking both time and mileage by GPS, drivers sought to find parking near the same address in areas which Parker offers real-time availability. Group A had access to real-time parking data via Parker by Streetline, while Group B relied on good-old-fashioned luck. After 28 GPS-tracked journeys, Parker was found to have significant benefits for motorists in all areas included in the test:

  • Driving time was reduced by 43% from 6:26 minutes to 3:41 minutes
  • Vehicle miles traveled dropped 21% from 0.91 to 0.72
  • Average price of space per hour was lower by 22% from $2.68 to $2.10

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