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Portable power start-up Lilliputian Systems unveils Intel investment and partnership

Date: 11/16/2010

Company: Nectar Power (aka Lilliputian Systems)


The product that Lilliputian Systems has been developing for the better part of a decade sounds promising: a compact little fuel cell that can power consumer electronics, using replaceable $2 butane cartridges. The energy density of butane (a/k/a lighter fuel), of course, is much higher than a lithium ion battery. And who wouldn’t want a cell phone or laptop that could run for a week or two, rather than requiring nightly assignations with a wall socket?

Wilmington-based Lilliputian has been slowly improving its fuel cell prototypes, and wending its way to the market. Company executives still won’t say when you’ll be able to buy one, but today they’re announcing that Intel Capital is making an investment in Lilliputian, and that the chipmaker will also produce the silicon wafers — a crucial component of the finished fuel cells — at its Hudson, Mass. manufacturing plant. At right is a company-supplied example of what a finished fuel cell (the company calls its device the “Mobile Power System”) might look like.

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