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Pre-Fab Construction Can Quickly Deliver Eco-Friendly Buildings

Date: 10/10/2011

Company: Project FROG

Source: National Real Estate Investor

Construction of a new child development center at Lincoln Elementary School in Redondo Beach, Calif., generated plenty of curiosity among students and faculty members last spring. Significant portions of the 5,000-sq.-ft. structure arrived preassembled, to be set in place and bolted together into a sleek array of steel, wall panels and glass.

“It was kind of like Legos putting it together because it’s a prefab steel-beam facility, and the kids really enjoyed the process,” says Steven Keller, superintendent of the Redondo Beach Unified School District.

Completed in March, the student development center was built by Project Frog, a San Francisco company that has married green building and prefabricated construction techniques. Project Frog’s buildings consist of modular components made from eco-friendly materials designed and tested to reduce energy consumption by at least 25% compared with conventional structures. The structures take from one to six months to build.

Lincoln Elementary School’s building cost the school district about 25% less than a comparably sized brick-and-mortar structure, Keller estimates, and achieved the district’s goal for an environmentally sustainable space. Project Frog’s buildings are made from predominately recycled materials and incorporate occupancy and daylight sensors to reduce energy consumption. Other eco-friendly elements include low volatile organic compound carpet tiles over raised plenum access floors, abundant natural lighting, and cool roofs.

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