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Project FROG: Leaping Ahead in Green Construction

Date: 04/23/2010

Company: Project FROG

Source: TriplePundit

Imagine a classroom flooded with natural light, where your eyes weren’t assaulted by the ever-present flickering of fluorescent lighting.  Imagine how that might have affected your attention span while struggling with that calculus text. Numerous studies have shown thebenefits of daylight on the learning environment, according to American School & University magazine. Some of the findings demonstrate “enhanced student performance and mood, increased teacher and student attendance, reduced energy costs, as well as a positive effect on the environment.”

Project FROG knows that—and acts on it. The green-building company founded in San Francisco in 2006  makes technologically advanced, energy-efficient building modular systems, primarily used in schools, and says it can do so much more quickly—at a cost about 25% less than comparable permanent structures. Very cool.

But, then, imagine that structure with a living roof, designed for energy efficiency, with building sensors that keep track of energy use and maintenance to make modifications easy.  Imagine cost savings of up to 75% on energy consumption and the cache of having at least a Silver LEED certification.

Do these classrooms look like any you’ve ever been in?

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