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Pushing to the very edge of safe Li-ion charging

Date: 09/30/2016

Company: Qnovo

Source: Power Electronics News

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nadim Maluf, CEO of Qnovo, and Robert Nalesnik, Qnovo’s VP of Marketing, part of the visionary team seeking to re-imagine and improve the way batteries are charged. Qnovo developed the concept of adaptive battery charging to augment battery performance.

Maluf and Nalesnik are keenly aware of what’s happening in the battery market, so we sat down to talk about current events involving rechargeable Li-ion batteries and glean insight into what electrical engineers need to know to design a long-lasting, safe, portable product.

Power Electronics News (PEN): What do engineers need to know about battery fires in mobile phones?

Maluf: We learned a lot from the laptop fires that occurred about 15 years ago. For example, if you open up a battery, there is a chip at the two terminals of the battery — the battery protection circuit module (PCM) chip, [which is] used for overvoltage/overcurrent protection. They were developed after researching what went wrong with the laptops. These chips are in place to make sure the battery does not exceed its maximum voltage or current.

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