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Raising $20M, Project Frog Ramps Up Production On Its Energy Efficient Buildings

Date: 11/07/2013

Company: Project Frog

Source: TechCrunch

by Eliza Brooke

After raising $22 million in 2011, the cleantech building developer Project Frog has now raised $20 million in Series D financing from CCM US LLC and McNally Capital, along with other members of the Cleantech Syndicate.

Like an IKEA for energy-efficient buildings, Project Frog develops building components that arrive at the construction site ready for assembly. Some of their products are specific to education and medical buildings, with other “Flex” kits that can serve a number of use cases. Because their projects take relatively little time to complete — about six months on average — affordability is a big part of their pitch, in addition to energy efficiency.

Project Frog CEO Ann Hand said that with this latest infusion of cash the company is expanding its pipeline and will be delivering a significant number of buildings to some of the country’s largest school districts and healthcare providers. They are also continuing to build out their product design and manufacturing capability.

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