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Sell Your Old iPhone: The iPhone 5 Is Coming

Date: 08/15/2012

Company: Gazelle

Source: The Huffington Post

If you believe the veritable hordes of anonymous sources and “insiders with knowledge of the situation” who have been whispering in the ears and inboxes of nearly every tech blogger on the planet, the iPhone 5 is scheduled for release in mid-to-late September. The generally-reliable folks at Apple blog iMore have pegged the specific release date as Friday, Sept. 21, a date that, if correct, not only representsNational Miniature Golf Day, but also the day on which many Americans will attempt to sell their old iPhones online in order to make way for the shiny new one while grabbing some cash back in the process.

But if you are looking to sell your current iPhone, and you wait for the new iPhone to actually hit shelves, you’re probably losing out on a good deal of money. Nothing illustrates the money you’re leaving on the table by waiting like a good old-fashioned line graph, and, an electronics website that buys old gadgets, has released just that: an informative chart that should make you think twice about holding on to your previous-generation iPhone for too long.

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