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Smart Sensors For Offices That Do It All: Save Energy, Track Employees, And Create A Happier Workplace

Date: 08/14/2014

Company: Enlighted

Source: FastCompany

A startup is making it simple for large companies to install wireless heat and motion tracking systems that makes the office more comfortable and even creates a heat map of movements.

By: Adele Peters

A typical large office building–even if it’s fairly energy-efficient–can waste more than $100,000 worth of electricity each year. Buildings end up using more energy in the U.S. than any other single category, including industry or transportation, and about 20% of all of the energy used in the country goes to commercial buildings alone.

For companies trying to trim carbon footprints, switching to better office lighting, heating, and cooling seems like an obvious step. But it’s challenging for most large companies to find the budget needed for a major overhaul of buildings across the country or globe. An energy-efficiency startup called Enlighted is taking an interesting approach to make things easier: Instead of paying anything up front to install a new system that can 50% to 70% of energy, customers only pay a percentage of the amount they save on energy bills each month.

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