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Sony’s 2016 Xperia X-series Include Breakthrough Qnovo Battery Tech

Date: 02/22/2016

Company: Qnovo

Source: Forbes

By: Antony Leather

It looks like we’ll finally see some breakthrough battery improvements introduced this year and Sony, not Apple or Samsung, is the manufacturer bringing it to its latest smartphones. Sony’s 2016 lineup of Xperia smartphones, launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Spain today, will include Qnovo technology. The latter has been working on ways to extend battery life and cut charging times by measuring battery health in real-time and continuously adjusting charging current.

Today, the company has revealed Sony as one of its partners and investors and its next-gen Xperia smartphones will boast reduced charge times and increased battery lifetimes that are doubled compared to the current Xperia range. You can usually expect to see battery capacity drop off after a year or so, or around 300-500 charge cycles. Qnovo claims the new Xperias drastically increase battery lifetime to around 800 charge cycles before they start to lose capacity.

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