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Southwest Windpower Partners with Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing (REEL) to Offer Consumer Financing Program

Date: 03/16/2012

Company: Southwest Windpower

Source: Renewable Energy World

DENVER – March 16, 2012 Southwest Windpower, the world’s leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, has partnered with Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing (REEL), an industry leader in providing energy efficient finance solutions, to offer U.S.-based consumer financing options for the purchase of Southwest Windpower wind turbines and wind-solar hybrids. The first of its kind for Southwest Windpower, the REEL Advantage Finance Program allows consumers to finance amounts from $1,000 to $30,000 or more with terms up to 240 months. With selected programs in all 50 states, the program brings wind power to more people who want to take control of their energy production.

Southwest Windpower teamed up with REEL to bring renewable energy into the hands of more consumers, who may have otherwise thought they could not afford a small wind turbine. The program has interest rates as low as 6.95 percent and is available to those with FICO credit scores as low as 600.

“The REEL Advantage Finance Program is a very exciting opportunity that I hope many people take advantage of,” said Scott Brown, chief executive officer of Southwest Windpower. “With low-monthly payments and nationwide availability, this program gives more consumers the possibility to create their own affordable energy. We are eager to see more people purchase Southwest Windpower turbines and solar hybrids and start producing clean, emissions-free energy with whatever system fits their needs.”

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