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Startup Says Quantum Dots Can Transform Cellphone Cameras

Date: 03/22/2010

Company: InVisage Technologies

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Most cellphones can take pictures, but their resolution lags far behind the images created by more costly digital cameras. InVisage hopes to change that.

The Silicon Valley startup says it can bring a four-fold improvement in the performance of cellphone cameras with little increase in cost. InVisage, which has been laboring in secrecy since 2006, opted to make a fundamental break from a semiconductor technology that has been a mainstay in cameras.

Conventional cameras–remember those?–record pictures on film. Early digital cameras replaced film with silicon-based light sensors known as CCDs, for charge-coupled devices, a technology that is still used in some high-resolution cameras. But digital cameras really became ubiquitous with the rise of image sensors made using CMOS–or complementary metal oxide semiconductor–the technology used in turning most silicon wafers into chips.

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