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SustainX Awarded Four U.S. Patents for Energy Storage Innovations; Continues to Build Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

Date: 04/04/2012

Company: SustainX

Source: MarketWire

SEABROOK, NH–(Marketwire – Apr 4, 2012) – SustainX, Inc., developer of an industry-leading, transformative technology for utility-scale bulk energy storage using compressed air, today announced that it recently received four new U.S. patents that provide additional innovations for its isothermal compressed air energy storage (ICAES™) technology.

“This series of patent awards underscores our continued progress in building a broad intellectual property portfolio,” said Tom Zarrella, SustainX President and CEO. “These innovations enhance the performance advantages of our system and reinforce our industry leadership position in isothermal CAES.”

SustainX’s isothermal (constant-temperature) energy storage system removes heat from air being compressed for storage and returns heat when that air is expanded to generate electricity. This heat transfer largely eliminates the energy efficiency losses of conventional high-pressure air compression and the need to burn fossil fuel as part of the expansion process. In addition, the SustainX system uses pipe-type storage, which can be located anywhere. These innovations differentiate SustainX ICAES as the first fuel-free, site-anywhere compressed air bulk energy storage solution.

SustainX is developing its first megawatt-scale, grid-connected system, which will be demonstrated with AES Energy Storage under an award from the U.S. Department of Energy. The company’s solutions address the emerging market for utility grid-scale energy storage being driven by the rapid growth in renewable generation and the need to make conventional power plants as efficient as possible. With SustainX’s technology, variable wind and solar power can be stored for later use. The company also aims to provide a clean, cost-effective alternative to costly peaker plants that burn natural gas or other polluting fuels.

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