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The Convergence of Renewables, the Smart Grid and (Maybe) PV Inverters

Date: 04/05/2010

Company: Enphase Energy

Source: Greentech Media

Enphase is not be limited to the DC to AC microinverter function, and apparently never intended to be.  The company’s CEO, Paul Nahi, hinted at their grander ambitions at Greentech Media’s Solar Summit in Phoenix last week. (BTW — last week was a good week for Enphase.)

Nahi spoke of “Their Energy,” the utility’s domain, and “My Energy,” the energy generated and consumed within the four walls of the home. That’s where Enphase expects to play — and where other microinverter firms like SolarBridge are considering a market entry.

Enphase, like other HAN dashboards, envisions a product that provides control over generation and consumption with a simple web-based interface leveraging their existing microinverter, internet gateway, energy monitoring services and powerline communications.  Nahi sees the product as granular — the right size for the customer, resilient, and providing plenty of actionable data.

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