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The future of phone chargers: self-aware and integrated into everyday objects

Date: 08/14/2014

Company: Qnovo

Source: Engadget

By: Mariella Moon

Here’s a horror story everyone can relate to: You download a cool new app or an OS update, only to find that it eats through the phone’s battery relentlessly, frequently leaving you with nothing but a tiny sliver of red on the gauge. While some aim to solve this issue by developing a new breed of batteries, a California startup called Qnovo and Qualcomm are each working on charging technologies instead. Qnovo, for one, has developed software that can analyze a battery’s temperature and the voltage passing through it, as well as determine your charging habits.

See, lithium-ion batteries perform more and more poorly the more they’re charged, but this program can gauge how much power the battery can absorb in as little time as possible without damaging it. The company claims that any phone loaded with its software only needs one-third the usual amount of time it takes to get a full charge. That’s apparently shortened even further if the program is paired up with Qnovo’s chip, which was designed to manage the charging process.

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