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The Science of Combustion

Date: 08/01/2013

Company: Achates Power

Source: Desktop Engineering

Achates Power uses CFD Simulation and optimization to find the best opposed-piston engine design

By Kenneth Wong

Fabien Redon, VP of technology development at Achates Power (pronounced A-kay-tees), is currently prevented from revealing the recognizable commercial vehicle makers working with his company by confidentiality agreements. But if I want to get a sense of the energy and efficiency of his company’s flagship products, opposed-piston engines (OPE), Redon suggests that all I have to do is observe the stream of delivery trucks pulling in and out of large grocery chains.

Dubbed “An Engine That Uses One-Third Less Fuel” in MIT Technology Review (Jan. 14, 2013,, Achates’ engine bypasses the need for cylinder heads, “which are a major contributor to heat losses in conventional engines,” according to the company. The OPE contains two pistons per cylinder, working in opposite reciprocating action. In a paper authored by Achates’ staff, the company states that its opposed-piston, two-stroke diesel engine design “provides a step-function improvement in brake thermal efficiency compared to conventional engines while meeting the most stringent, mandated emissions requirements.”

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