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The World According to Riggs Kubiak, Honest Buildings’ Visionary CEO

Date: 07/16/2013

Company: Honest Buildings

Source: Commercial Observer

For Riggs Kubiak, the appeal of real estate lay in its tangibility.

“Working with things that you can touch, feel, walk into and experience,” he said, “was more exciting to me than dealing with synthetic collateralized debt obligations.”

Mr. Kubiak, 32, got his start in the industry renting apartments while he was an undergraduate at Boston College. And, following stints at Ernst & Young and Granite Partners, he rose to become the global head of sustainability at Tishman Speyer, where he worked for five years.

Now he’s the chief executive officer of Honest Buildings, a website he co-founded with his sister, Garrett Kubiak, and Cody Roberts that connects building owners and tenants with brokers, contractors and other real estate professionals in a bid to bolster transparency and hasten innovation in construction, design and other fields.

The transition into the tech sphere is an interesting move for a man who initially gravitated to real estate for its brick-and-mortar appeal. But Mr. Kubiak, an avid Internet fan since “the days of waiting 45 seconds to log on to AOL and being kicked off when my sister made a phone call,” wanted in on the transformative action.

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