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Third-Party Results Show EcoFactor’s Home Energy Offering Works Really Well

Date: 08/26/2014

Company: EcoFactor

Source: Greentech Media

EcoFactor is achieving very solid energy savings in Nevada. Can it do the same around the country?

By: Stephen Lacey

After a full year of offering residential efficiency and demand response services to customers in Nevada, EcoFactor is releasing third-party results showing very strong savings that appear to beat other leading competitors.

EcoFactor is a home energy management startup based in Redwood City, California that uses smart thermostats, HVAC automation and monitoring software to cut residential energy use for utilities. The company has been working within NV Energy territory in Nevada since 2010, but has only deployed at scale in the state since 2012, when it won a contract to serve thousands of customers through NV Energy’s mPowered program.

Throughout 2013, EcoFactor helped NV Energy dispatch 28 residential demand response events for 14,500 customers. It also managed thermostats for 21,000 customers and used its software service to help them identify savings opportunities beyond demand response events.

In order to track the program’s results, NV Energy hired an independent firm, ADM Associates, to verify if consumers were actually responding to demand response signals and saving energy over time based on smart meter data. The results show that EcoFactor’s offering was highly successful in the state.

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