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This energy data company is using connected thermostats to slash air conditioning

Date: 08/26/2014

Company: EcoFactor

Source: GigaOm

In a large program in Nevada last Summer, EcoFactor’s data analytics beat the competition.

By: Katie Fehrenbacher

Working with connected thermostats in 22,000 homes in Nevada, startup EcoFactor was able to reduce those homes’ air conditioning usage by 11 percent — one of the highest rates among its competitors — and also saved those customers about $100 per year last year. That means the energy reduction per home, and the energy savings from air conditioning, in its program were more than Nest achieved in comparable projects and produced far more savings than Opower’s behavioral techniques, EcoFactor said.

That data is coming from the utilities commission and filed by utility NV Energy, and EcoFactor released on Tuesday. NV Energy uses EcoFactor’s software for its “mPowered” program, which seeks to lower the energy consumption of its customers during hot summer months in a cost effective way and with minimal impact on the customer.

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