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This Gadget Is a Handheld “Power Plant”

Date: 09/25/2013

Company: Nectar Power (aka Lilliputian Systems)

Source: Mashable

By Elisha Hartwig –

If you’re frustrated with the poor battery life of your devices, and you’re always hauling cords around to charge everything, Nectar could be your solution. Developed by the team at Lilliputian, Nectar will charge any of your USB 2.0 compatible devices on the go — giving you two weeks to a month of power in one portable, recyclable power pod. In other words, you no longer have to search for wall plug-ins at cafes, or disable apps on your phone to save battery life. With Nectar, you are completely self-reliant.

We spoke with Mouli Ramani of Nectar about the product’s exciting future, the technology behind the device and the impact Nectar will have on consumers.

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