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This Startup Could Completely Change Smartphone Cameras

Date: 11/10/2015

Company: InVisage Technologies

Source: Tech Times

While professional cameras are still much better than smartphone cameras, as time goes on, more and more professionals will be able to use their smartphones for their work. InVisage Technologies hopes to speed up that process.

The 75-person startup says that it is experimenting with quantum dots, which will dramatically improve smartphone cameras when the technology arrives at the start of 2016.

Before the unveiling of the new technology on Wednesday, however, the company took a trip to CNet to show it off. InVisage showed how it could make the tiny particles in a lab setting, after which it showed off its QuantumFilm image-sensor chip. The chip starts by using a chemical reaction that fills a vial with a black liquid. The quantum dots are so tiny that 20,000 of them placed beside one another would only be as thick as one human hair.

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