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Top 6 Solar Companies in the United States

Date: 03/18/2017

Company: REPOWER America

Source: The Merkle

Renewable energy sources are becoming more important than ever before. Relying on fossil fuels is not a viable option if we want to keep our planet safe. Multiple companies in the US are focusing their attention on harnessing solar energy. We have taken a look at some of the most promising companies in this industry.


Many US solar companies have faced bankruptcy in the past, indicating what a competitive and difficult business the solar industry is. First Solar has successfully survived these harsh times and made a name for itself in the process. The company is active in a lot of countries around the world and delivers cost-effective solar solutions. They are also cost-competitive with fossil fuels. Moreover, the company claims their products offer a higher specific annual energy yield, regardless of the conditions the hardware has to operate in.

First Solar has raised US$667.7m in funding through two separate rounds, and their stock is publicly traded on NASDAQ.


It’s not easy to build up a solid reputation in the solar energy business these days. Solar Universe, based out of California, has been in the business since 2008. What makes this company so appealing is how they rolled out a locally operated and owned franchise network. Bringing energy savings to both consumers and businesses directly offers great advantages. Not only will clients enjoy cheaper solar power distribution solutions, but it also makes the state of California all the more important to the solar energy industry.

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