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Using Data Analytics in Zero-Touch Building Energy Assessments

Date: 03/11/2013

Company: FirstFuel Software

Source: Greentech Advocates

You’ve heard about “Big Data” and how it’s being used to track our purchases and preferences, but data can also be used to help buildings save energy.

One company on the data bandwagon is Massachusetts-based FirstFuel, which uses data analytics to identify energy-saving opportunities in buildings, institutions and utilities—without ever stepping foot in the property.

Yes, that means no time-consuming, on-premise energy audit. With today’s technologies and its Remote Building Analytics (RBA) platform, FirstFuel can collect thousands of data points just by knowing the building’s address and collecting a year’s worth of utility data, at intervals of 15 minutes or an hour.

The address reveals weather data, humidity, wind, solar radiance and other factors that affect a building’s climate. Then, with GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping, FirstFuel can zoom in on a building and see how big it is, assess its physical structure and characteristics such as the window-to-wall ratio.

“From there we can tease out patterns hidden in those data points and figure out all the sort of things, such as whether the cooling mechanisms are efficient,” says Indran Ratnathicam, FirstFuel’s director of marketing. The company can see weather and occupancy related loads, end-use consumption and daily usage profiles.

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